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Hello friends, do you know how many bones are there in an adult person’s body? You might know the answer but do you know the names of all these bones? If not then, in this post we are going to provide you 206 Bones Name List PDF.

With the help of 206 Bones List PDF available in this post, you can easily know the names of total 206 bones of a human body. Many people are aware that there are 206 bones in our body, but very few people know the names of all these bones.

So let us quickly know the names of all the bones of the human body. If you want, you can also download the list of names of 206 bones in PDF format for free with the help of the download link given in the post.

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206 Bones Name List PDF
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206 Bones List PDF Download Free

The 206 bones that make up the human body fall into two major groups.

  1. Axial Skeleton
  2. Appendicular Skeleton

Axial skeleton:- This group of bones includes the head, spine, ribs, and sternum, which together make up the body’s main axis. The brain, heart, and lungs are only a few of the critical organs that are supported and shielded by the axial skeleton.

Appendicular Skeleton:- The bones of the limbs and the bones that secure them to the axial skeleton, such as the shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle, make up the appendicular skeleton. The body may move and move more easily thanks to the appendicular skeleton.

206 Bones Name List | Human Bones Name

The human skeleton serves as the framework that supports and protects our bodies, helping us maintain upright body posture and facilitating movement.

The human skeleton is a complex structure made up of 206 bones, each with its own specific shape and function. Through the table given below, you can know the names of 206 bones of the human body and download it in PDF format from the download link.

Sr.noAll Bones NameNo. of Bones
3Facial Bones14
5Hyoid bone1
6Vertebral column26
7Cervical vertebrae7
8Thoracic vertebrae12
9Lumbar vertebrae5
15Pectoral girdle4
18Upper limbs60
25Pelvic girdle2
26Coxal bone2
27Lower limbs60
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Functions of Bones in the Human Body

Following are the functions of bones in the human body.

  1. Support:- The bones make up the body’s structural structure, giving the body support and preserving its shape.
  2. Movement:- By acting as levers, bones enable muscles to move joints.
  3. Protection:- Vital organs including the heart, lungs, and brain are shielded from harm by bones.
  4. Blood Cells Production:- Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are created in the bone marrow that resides inside specific bones.
  5. Mineral Storage:- Vital minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which are important for many body processes, are stored in bones.

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The 206 bones that make up the human skeleton are a fascinating and complex system that work together to support, shield, and enable movement. Each bone has a distinct purpose and is essential to preserving overall health and wellbeing.

Medical practitioners, students, and anybody interested in human anatomy can acquire important insights into the intricacy and complexity of the human body by studying the names and locations of these bones.

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