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Hello friends, in today’s post, we are going to provide you Science Journal Std 10 Navneet PDF, which you can download for free from the download link given in the post.

आज की यह पोस्ट दसवीं कक्षा के उन सभी छात्र छात्राओं के लिए काफी महत्वपूर्ण होने वाली है जो विज्ञान के प्रैक्टिकल की तैयारी करना चाहते है या प्रैक्टिकल से सम्बंधित असाइनमेंट बनाना चाहते है। क्योकि इस पोस्ट में उपलब्ध पीडीऍफ़ को डाउनलोड करके आप अपने काम को आसान बना सकते है।

इस पोस्ट में हम आपको Science Journal Std 10 PDF के उपयोग, महत्त्व और इस पीडीऍफ़ को कैसे डाउनलोड करे सम्बंधित जानकारी के बारे में विस्तार से बताने वाले है इसलिए कृपया इस पोस्ट को अच्छे से ध्यानपूर्वक पूरा जरूर पढ़े।

Science Journal Std 10 Navneet PDF Overview

Science Journal Std 10 Navneet PDF
PDF Title Science Journal Std 10
Category Education
Language English
PDF Size 15 MB
Total Pages 54
Download Link Available
Note - "Std 10 Science Navneet PDF Download करने के लिए कृपया पोस्ट में नीचे दिए गए डाउनलोड लिंक का इस्तेमाल करे। 

Navneet Std 10 Science Journal PDF क्या है?

Science Journal PDF में Class 10th के 12 Practical PDF Format में उपलब्ध है जिन्हे आप आसानी से अपने किसी भी डिवाइस में डाउनलोड करके ऑफलाइन एक्सेस कर सकते है।

इस PDF में आपको कक्षा 10 के 12 Practical मिलने वाले है साथ ही आपको सम्बंधित Practical की Exercise और Multiple Choice Questions भी मिलने वाले है जिससे आप इन प्रैक्टिकल की तैयारी कर सकते है।

चलिए अब Std 10 Science Journal PDF में उपलब्ध Practical Content के स्टेप्स देख लेते है। प्रत्येक प्रैक्टिकल में आपको निम्न्लिखित टॉपिक्स मिलने वाले है।

  1. Aim
  2. Appartus
  3. Chemical used in Practical
  4. Figures
  5. Full Procedure
  6. Important Chemical Reaction
  7. Observation During Practical Reaction
  8. Inference/Conclusion
  9. Multiple Choice Question
  10. Exercise

इस प्रकार पीडीऍफ़ में उपलब्ध प्रत्येक प्रैक्टिकल की शुरुआत Aims से होती है और प्रत्येक Practical के अंत में कुछ बहुविकल्पीय प्रश्न और Exercise Questions को शामिल किया गया है। चलिए अब हम पोस्ट में उपलब्ध Std 10 Science Journal PDF की विषय सूचि देख लेते है।

Practical List of Science Journal Std 10 Navneet PDF

Science Journal Std 10 Navneet PDF में कुल 12 Practical’s उपलब्ध करवाए गए है जिनकी विषय सूची निम्न्लिखित है। अगर आपको इस प्रैक्टिकल सूची में से किसी भी प्रैक्टिकल की जरुरत है तो आप पोस्ट में दिए डाउनलोड लिंक से पीडीऍफ़ को डाउनलोड कर सकते है।

Practical List of Std 10 Navneet Science Journal PDF –

  1. To identify chloride, Bromide and iodide ions from given salts.
  2. To identify type of reaction by studying the reaction and recording the observation
  3. Observe the following reactions and classify them into the type’s combination, displacement, decomposition, and double displacement.
  4. To study the magnetic field due to electric current flowing through the coil.
  5. To study the effect of heat on ice by using the graph.
  6. To measure the temperature of hot water during natural cooling and plot the graph of temperature versus time.
  7. To Study anomalous behavior of water using hopes apparatus.
  8. To verify the laws of refraction of light.
  9. To trace the path of light rays through a glass prism and find the angle of deviation for different angles.
  10. To obtain the focal length of the convex lens.
  11. To Study the reaction of metals.
  12. To study the oxidation and additional reaction with carbon compound.

Navneet Std 10 Science Journal PDF के फायदे

1. Access to Detailed and Up-to-Date Information: Science journals for students in class 10 give pupils access to detailed & current information on a variety of scientific topics. These publications cover a wide range of subjects, such as environmental science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Science journals make sure that students have access to the precise and pertinent material required for their academic development by providing the most recent research findings, experiments, and hypotheses.

2. Building Conceptual Understanding: Science journals provide in-depth articles that go beyond what is covered in conventional textbooks. They provide a deeper comprehension of foundational ideas by delving into intricate scientific concepts, hypotheses, and applications.

Science journals that include diagrams, images, and examples from everyday life aid students in better grasping complex concepts and develop their conceptual comprehension.

3. Research Methodologies: Science journals introduce students to the numerous research techniques used in scientific studies.

The scientific method, experimental design, data gathering, and analytical strategies are all taught to students through reading research publications and experimental reports. Through this exposure, they gain important skills that will help them carry out their experiments and projects successfully.

4. Fostering Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking: Students in grade 10 need to develop critical thinking and scientific inquiry as essential skills. Students are encouraged to think critically, analyse facts, and assess scientific claims through reading science journals.

These magazines cultivate a love for scientific inquiry by encouraging students to ask insightful questions and pique their scientific interest by offering real-world case studies, research methodology, and experimental findings.

5. Preparation for Competitive Examinations: In many educational systems, Grade 10 is a significant year for pupils as they get ready for numerous competitive examinations. Science journals give you a competitive advantage by delivering sophisticated subject matter and difficult questions that match the standards of these tests.

Students’ ability to solve problems, broaden their knowledge, and do better in school all around can be improved by reading science journals on a regular basis.

6. Integration of Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge: Students can connect various scientific principles and comprehend their interrelationships by using science journals, which frequently integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge.

For instance, a climate change article might incorporate ideas from physics, chemistry, and biology. This synthesis of information fosters a comprehensive comprehension of scientific phenomena and encourages a multidisciplinary method of problem-solving.


Science Journal Std 10 Navneet PDF are priceless tools that offer thorough and current scientific knowledge, encourage scientific inquiry and critical thinking, and improve conceptual comprehension.

These journals play a key role in advancing students’ academic development and preparing them for future scientific endeavours by integrating cross-disciplinary information and introducing students to research methodology.

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