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greetings to our readers today we presented a very well known and popular romance novel book IT ENDS WITH US PDF by a well known and aesthetic author COLLEEN had published by atria books on 2 aug 2016.

In this book author describes the relationship between Hoover’s mother and father. Hoover explained it in 2016 and called it as the hardest book he has written.

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It ends with us are telling us about lily bloom she’s a young and gordeus girl who just graduated from college and moves to boston and going with her own floral business.

She had a deep feelings for doctor who also develops feelings towards her, as the flowers of their relationships blossoms.

Lily suddenly facing an encounter with her first love so it was very special for her. Then the reintroduction of an another character of of atlas threatens and gave warning to her for ryle.

And forcefully doing things to her so she come to trauma and lily was now in an difficult decision to make becoz she is now pregnant with Ryle’ s child now she is traumatized with her past and present.


It was the highly popular and belowed novel from new york times and its best and bestselling author Colleen hoover. He says sometimes you are hurt by the person you love the most.

Further he said that it wasn’t easy for lily, but she’s determined to do the expected work for her to get the life she wants,where she grew up? Is she from the small town Maine?

After her graduation complete she moved to boston city and than started her own business and then she met a sparking and charming neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid.

Now everything in her life was too good too be real she thinks she’s living her dream life and found a prince who is destined to meet her but on the other hand ryle be like a little arrogant and short tempered.

Other side of ryle also describes himself as talented and and sensitive he is totally had a soft corner for lily, lily can’t get him out in her mind, but ryle’s beliefs on relationship and thinking of fiture is different and trobles them.

But she’s an exception.does continue Atlas questioning her give her double thoughts and make her overwhelmed?

Because atlas was her first love and when he reapers everything for lily is now different and gave her a jeopardy situation. Her first love and a person who she’s truly in love with she’s now in a situation where she didn’t know what to do .

Her first love atlas is a kind and protective person, so the love triangle between them that was the plot twist of this fascinating love story by colleen hoover presents a moving story woth very much ups and downs it was his(colleen Hoover’s) very memorable and adventurous novel.

It presents how new paths are going to faced by lily. So he said that It ends of us was the unforgettable and another level of breathtaking love story he ever written.


So here we can say that this was the best seller by Colleen Hoover’s collection it gives our readers to memorize their past or present relationships and true love or gave them a soothing experience, this love story triangle is so relatable as same as relaxing.

So a kindly request to our readers please read this novel and share this IT ENDS WITH US PDF with their loved ones and friends.

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